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Montia sibirica

Annual with slender tap root or rhizome. 4-8" high. Flowers: small, 5-petals, white with red stripes.

Where Found  Typically in shade. Moist to average soils. Conifer and mixed forests.

Notes  Delightful floral blooms. Good understory groundcover. Red stripes on white backing give "candy" look.

Fringe Cup
Tellima grandiflora

Beautiful, graceful perennial with short rhizome. Flower shoots of white bell-shaped flowers to 2'.

Where Found  Conifer and mixed forests at edges and openings. Moist to average soil types.

Notes  Welcome addition to any NW landscape. Good in understory and transition zones.

Pacific Bleeding Heart
Dicentra formosa

Perennial, rhizome. Leaves: deeply cut leaflets. Beautiful heart shaped red and white flowers on drooping stem.

Where Found   Moist forest, understory and at openings. Riparian zones.

Notes  Gorgeous, distinctive and versatile groundcover and wildflower.

Strawberry, Woodland
F. vesca

Perennial, low growing herb. Waxy green leaves, 1" white flowers and thumbnail size red strawberries.

Where Found   Coastal: sand dunes, bluffs and well drained sandy sites. Woodland: at forest edges and openings.

Notes   Both are an attractive and effective groundcover over a wide range of conditions. Coastal grows more densely.

Trillium ovatum

Perennial, rhizome. Three large leaves and three white to purple flower petals off 1-1½' main stem.

Where Found  Conifer and mixed forests. Understory and at openings and edges.

Notes  Another beautiful addition to a NW naturescape. Good in open understory and in transition zones.

Wood Sorrel
Oxalis oregana

Charming perennial, rhizome. 3 heart shaped leaflets, collapsed in sun. White flower off main shoot.

Where Found  In shade on forest floor and at edges and clearings.

Notes  Good understory plant. Delicate look. Sour edible leaves.

Cornus canadensis

Rhizomatous perennial. 3-8" high. Flowers: white, four petals. Yielding small clusters of bright red berries.

Where Found  Widespread and adaptable. Often in shade or filtered sun. Moist to average soils. Conifer and mixed forests.

Notes  Good understory groundcover. White flowers and red fruit provide nice colors.

Fern, Sword
Polystichum munitum

Mid to large sized evergreen fern. Large, erect and spreading frowns. Leaf-blades resemble swords.

Where Found  Widespread in forests, often on hillsides.

Notes  Easy to grow, attractive fern. Prefers shade and moister soils, though tolerates sun. Distinctive fiddleheads.

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