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Douglas spiraea
Spiraea douglasii

Small deciduous shrub with multiple erect branches. Small leaves. Dramatic "spear head" purple flower spikes.

Where Found  Wet, moist and average soils, often at streamside areas and lake margins. Occasionally at drier, partially shaded sites.

Notes  Beautiful and versatile landscaping plant. Good for narrow park strips, transition zones and border areas.

Huckleberry, Evergreen
Vaccinium ovatum

Mid size evergreen shrub. Erect, bushy. Leaves: alternate, narrow and toothed, dark shiny green 1-2". Pink 1 cm bell shaped flowers, 3-10 per cluster, yeilding shiny, sweet purplish-black 1 cm berries.

Where Found  Coniferous and mixed forests, often at edges and openings. Low elevation.

Notes  Charming evergreen with pretty flowers and edible fruit. Ideal for transition zones around houses and other buildings.

Indian Plum
Oemleria cerasiformis

Mid size deciduous shrub. Branches thin and arching. Separate male and female plants. String of beautiful fluted white flowers, yielding thumbnail sized peach to purple colored berries with pits.

Where Found  Conifer and mixed forests. Often at edges or under canopy. Does not tolerate direct sunlight well.

Notes  Excellent, charming understory plant. Breaks bud early, near MLK day. Harbinger of Spring. Early to turn yellow in Fall or in case of drought. Berries liked by native birds and critters.

Mock Orange
Philadelphus lewisii

Mid sized deciduous shrub. Erect, closely branched. Leaves: opposite, tapered oval, 1-2". Flowers: 1" white 1", aromatic, often 3-15 in clusters at end of lateral branches.

Where Found  Varied terrain. Found in open forests and forest edge and in drier, bushier sites. Low to mid elevation.

Notes  Adaptable plant. Good for summertime privacy screen/hedge (can be alternated with Twinberry or other plants in hedge). Tolerates sun.

Nootka Rose
Rosa nutkana

One of several native roses. Small to mid sized, deciduous. Leaves: 5-7 toothed leaflets. Flowers: charming, 5 broad petals, pink with lighter centers, yielding to rose hips.

Where Found  Widespread. Varied open habitat, shorelines, roadcuts, clearings, streamside. Also on forest edge.

Notes  Beautiful wild rose. Valuable to wildlife. A charm in any naturescape.

Ocean Spray
Holodiscus discolor

Mid-size to deciduous shrub. Erect, gracefully arching branches. Leaves: alternate, multi-lobed, tapering, 1-2". Flowers: dense lilac-like while flower "plumes," remeniscant of "spray" of a crashing wave.

Where Found  Widespread and adaptable. Varied open habitat, open forests, clearings, riparian zones, etc. Low to mid elevations.

Notes  Lovely, graceful addition to your naturescape. Good transition zone plant. Profuse flowering produces a stunning effect.

Oregon Grape, Tall
Mahonia aquifolium

Evergreen shrub with erect stems to several meters tall. Leaves:"holly-ish," yet softer, turning red-purple in autumn. Bright yellowflowers, yielding to small bluish berries or "grapes."

Where Found  Dry to moist, open to closed forests. Low to middle elevations.

Notes  Already a landscaping staple. Evergreen. Good for hedges or alonghouses as a colorful security screen.

Pacific Nine Bark
Physocarpus capitatus

Mid sized deciduous shrub with erect and mildly spreading, curved branches. Distinctive shiny green 3-5 lobe leaves 1-2.5". Flower "balls" consisting of approx 30 1 cm flowers, yielding reddish seed packets.

Where Found  Wet to moist, somewhat open spaces. Occasionally on drier shrubby sites. Low to mid elevations.

Notes  Beautiful and adaptable plant. Grows well in many soil types and sun conditions.

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