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California Poppy
Eschscholzia californica

Perennial with large taproot. Beautiful bright flowers and delicate leaves. Flowers: yellow to orange, on 1' stems.

Where Found  Drier, sun exposed soils. Seeds into disturbed sites. Hardy once established.

Notes  A beautiful addition to a landscape. Good for areas that receive full sun and hot temperatures, borders, etc. Often sold as seed.

Camassia quamash

Perennial herb (from bulb) to 2'. Center stem yields beautiful vibrant purple flower stalk, April to June.

Where Found  Historically widespread, now declining. Moist to average meadows, gently sloping hills. Full sun to partial shade.

Notes  Bulbs were an important food source to Native Americans. Ground, mixed with berries and dried into "pancakes."

Red Columbine
Aquilegia formosa

Perennial herb with taproot. Delicate lobed leaves with breathtaking red, yellow fluted flowers to '2.

Where Found  Varied habitat. Conifer and mixed forest at edge and openings, meadows.

Notes  Nectar sought by hummingbirds.

Oregon Iris
Iris tenax

Perennial, rhizome to 1'. Beautiful, large purple flower with white-yellow streaks and ruffled inner petals.

Where Found  Open woodlands (conifer and deciduous), meadows, pastures and roadsides. Tolerates sun.

Notes  Beautiful addition NW naturescape. Good in transition zones and borders and in beds with other natives.

Strawberry, Coastal
Fragaria chiloensis

Perennial, low growing herb. Waxy green leaves, 1" white flowers and thumbnail size red berries.

Where Found  Coastal: sand dunes, bluffs and well drained sandy sites. Woodland: at forest edges and openings.

Notes  Both are an attractive and effective groundcovers over a wide range of conditions. Coastal more dense.

Oregon Grape, Creeping
Mahonia nervosa

State flower of Oregon. Small evergreen shrub. Erect to 2'. Leaves: "holly-ish," yet softer, turning red-purple in autumn. Bright yellow flowers, yielding to small bluish berries or "grapes."

Where Found  Dry to moist, open to closed forests. Low to middle elevations.

Notes  Already a landscaping staple. Evergreen. Often planted with Salal (see below) and/or as an understory plant.

Arctostaphylos uva-ursi

Spreading evergreen rhizome, 6-10". Leaves alternate, oval, 1". Flowers: pinkish white, yield bright red berries.

Where Found  Sandy, moist, yet well drained sites in full or partial sun. From lowlands to subalpine.

Notes  Practical, handsome and wildlife friendly. Groundcover-ish in right site. Fruit looks like little apples.

Tufted Hair Grass
Deschampsia cespitosa ssp. beringensis

Densely tufted perennial. Multiple seed bearing stems to 1 m.

Where Found  Meadows, shorelines, rocky ridges. Tolerates direct sun.

Notes  Attractive tufted grass. Good for landscaped beds, open naturescapes and transition zones and borders.

Also Consider:

Penstemon, Slough Sedge, Wood Saxifrage, Yarrow, Yellow-Eyed Grass


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